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One of the hottest topics right now is the Cybercrime Law. I need not to further elaborate on the topic because almost all netizens are aware of the issue. Pero we need a deeper knowledge on this Law. That is why I took the time and read the Republic Act Number 10175, or better known as Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Ito ang mga naintindihan ko:

1. You can go to jail sa pangigielam ng computer o cellphone ng iba (Chapter 2 Sec. 4(a)(1))

2. Hacking is bad(we all know that). (Ch 2 Sec 4(a)(2), Ch 2 Sec 4(a)(3), Ch 2 Sec 4(a)(4))

3. Usage of pirated stuffs is covered by this Law (Chapter 2 paragraphs 5(i)(aa))

4. Mga spammers sa e-mail and text(yung mga text na galing sa unknown number advertising loans, houses, etc) is now a crime (Ch 2 Sec 4(c)(3))

5. Online libel – kahit anong tipo ng panlalait…

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