fight! XD… the big D! XD

Depression is the feeling of intense sadness one experiences. Clinical depression is a major medical disorder and one should not wait before getting help treating it. The following are twelve steps one may choose to go through.

Physical workout– Exercise has a positive effect both on the body as well as the mind. The release of hormones such as endorphins helps one to not only reduce fatigue but also feel good.

Have a Plan– Depression can be avoided if one has a proper plan to follow regarding one’s well being. Being in a program, having a scheduled yoga or talk session, following different relaxing techniques; all can contribute towards uplifting one’s mood, the key being commitment and dedication.

Say what you Feel– Having someone to listen can feel great, especially when a lot needs to be said. Sharing what one feels can help cope with low moods.

Become a part of something– Being in a group has the benefit of making one feel that they are not alone in this. The sense of responsibility one owes to them can help invigorate them significantly.

Write what you Feel– Sometimes, there are things which are better off unsaid. Writing, however, can help release such a burdening buildup of thoughts. By doing this, life may become clearer and simpler.

Believe in something– The belief of a higher being is a good reminder that not only is one never alone but also that they are not beyond help. Such a step also helps connect to the inner self, finding peace in a time where everything else is chaos.

Find Purpose– One should not aim to live long but rather live big. Discovering the purpose of existence can be a great motivator to help one through the difficult hurdles of life. If one finds meaning for life, he finds meaning for all in it.

Give Back– Everybody feels bad; some more than others. A good way to avoid feelings of insignificance and uplifting one’s morals is by helping out others. Giving time to someone else’s worries can take your mind off of your own and make you have a positive look on your life.

Give Time to elYoursf– Every once in a while do something spontaneous, something which makes you feel good. It can be a dinner, a movie or any other activity. There is nothing wrong with thinking about yourself.
Get Extra Company– The best way to do this is by getting a pet. The unconditional and genuine love pets provide can remind you of the good things in life, helping you move past your own problems.

Be Thankful– With all things going downhill, some things are bound to have gone the other way. Remind yourself of them and be thankful.

Look at the Funny Side- Laughter is the best medicine; the best of them all. Keep smiling, for such an act creates an air of optimism around you.


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