Modern Day Beatitudes

Blessed are the strange, the weird, the people we 
laugh at, those who do not fit our mold, especially the socially 
wretched and despised. By their presence in our lives, they expand our 
reality—on our part, reluctantly and on theirs, so painfully—by forcing 
us to look at them in the hope that we see the God in them.

Blessed are the depressed and the addicted for they 
are called upon to demonstrate the healing miracles of God through their
own awakening.

Blessed are the broken, those who fail, those who 
fall below our expectations for they are asked to show the rest of us 
that not being perfect is part of the human condition—that accepting our
imperfection is the first step in our realization of the divine 
perfection of all that is.

Blessed are the nameless, the faceless the 
dispossessed—the refugees, the homeless and the poor for they point us 
to the way to compassion. By their sheer numbers, they tell us that 
ultimately, the experience of compassion is inescapable.

Blessed are the cruel, the calloused and uncaring, 
for on some deep unconscious level, they choose to delay their own 
liberation so that others may be ‘enlightened’ by their example.

Blessed are those who arouse us to anger, who bring 
out the worst in us, for they force us out of the denial that we harbor 
within—that we are hooked on them, that they resonate with something 
hidden inside us, and to break free, we must let go of our misguided 
moral superiority.

Blessed are those who cause us to suffer repeatedly 
by their mistakes, for they are our tutors who spend valuable time so 
that we learn our lessons well.

Blessed are those who do not seem to have a life, 
and especially those who do not have a choice—those who are physically 
debilitated, paralyzed or in a coma and cannot move, for they bring us a
message that is lost in this age of frenzy—that to be worthy of God’s 
love, we need not strive to do or achieve anything, but simply be.

Blessed are all of us, for whatever condition we 
find ourselves in, we can choose to remember our true nature, our 
original blessing, our timeless grace—anytime, any place, and always—and be happy in our Oneness.

(Lifted from ‘Between Blinks–More Random Takes on Everything’, by Jim Paredes


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