6 Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now

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1. The Cliff Hanger

“Ugh”, “FML”, “Days like these make me so depressed”

You obviously want people to ask what’s going on. About 5% of your Facebook friends will die from curiosity and cave in to ask what’s up, but the other 95% of us know you’re being intentionally vague for attention. It’s annoying. Stop.

2. The Shocker

“Going to the ER”, “Totaled my car”

If you’re going to the hospital or you have just been in an accident of some sort, you probably shouldn’t be making a status about it. This is not an appropriate way to tell your friends and family about something bad. If you’re well enough to post on fb, you can make a phone call.

3. The Private Message

“Omg I know you have your phone on you, bitches need to text back damn”, “Smh why do people have to talk about me behind…

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11 Babysitters Share The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened While They Were Alone With The Kids

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There’s no scarier setting than babysitting in a big, dark house you’re unfamiliar with so I compiled some scary babysitting stories from around Reddit. Thanks to everyone who included their stories. If you have one you’d like to tell, send it to afterdark@thoughtcatalog.com.

The kidnapping that almost was

I was in grade school and was told to watch my brother a year younger than me. My door bell rang once and I didn’t answer because I was taught not to answer the door when young and home alone. So I just ignore the ring.

Then the door bell is pressed another five times so I assume its my family or a friend. I go into my dining room and peer through the window. A man in a trench coat with a hat is walking away from my home and starts pacing in my drive way.

I freak out and…

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